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Do you remember all those scenarios full of Nazis ready to be killed by your powerful armory? Those first FPS that captivated us when killing and surviving in the WW2 was amazingly new. Wolfenstein is back and it's been really well treated by Quake creators.

Wolfenstein is back from the hands of Raven, and that means we are ready to enjoy killing and shooting. This time, we won't face with a new sequel. It has been improved and renewed in all aspects. Non-lineal history, lots of secondary missions, character progress and even a bit of magic. All that mixed up with an amazing multiplayer game that will keep us trapped for hours and hours killing Nazis.

Yes, in the game we'll play the role of B.J. Blazkowicz, the heroic OSA agent, and our final mission is to kill the more Nazis we can. They are more than ever and more intelligent, with new weapons and tactics, but don't worry, your armory has been powered up too. You and your friends will enroll in an amazing and blasting battle where fire, shoots and weapons are extremely important, take care of them and use them efectively, don't run out of ammo.

If you like FPS and the name of Wolfenstein brings you good sensations, Take your weapons and get into the game.

The demo version offers the first level.

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